As you travel through the business corridors of West Oak Lane and Ogontz Avenue you will find attractive storefronts,

bustling restaurants, and an eclectic array of shops and business services to meet your needs. From quiet tree lined streets with distinctive architecture to lively commercial corridors, this 100+ year old neighborhood has stood the test of time.



West Oak Lane and Ogontz Avenue boast a tasty selection of family-owned restaurants, bakeries and take-out spots, with comfort food and fast-casual spots mingle with island flavors that make them favorites of both locals and adventurous food seekers.


Colorful dress shops with on-site tailoring, cute accessory and makeup-filled storefronts, barbers, beauty salons, and more are all on offer at affordable prices, making Ogontz Avenue and West Oak Lane a destination-worthy shopping spot.

Getting Here

Just 15-20 minutes from most of Center City and the rest of PW Philly, and also easily

From Center City by Subway:

Take the Broad Street Line to Olney, transfer to the Route 6 bus for Ogontz Avenue and the Route L bus for West Oak Lane.

From Center City by Regional Rail:

West Oak Lane is accessible via the Chestnut Hill East Line. For Ogontz Avenue transfer to the Route 6, Route H or Route L buses.

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