Rooted in history. Poised for growth. 

Before the arrival of railroads, Ridge Avenue — called Ridge Road in 1682 when Roxborough was founded — was a key travel route running from Center City, through Roxborough, and beyond.

Today, Ridge Avenue has become less of a throughway and more of a destination. It’s lined with local businesses, restaurants, and well-known shops. Yet behind the changing landscape, one aspect of this community remains much the same: the progressive, welcoming people who call Roxborough home.


Shop, Dine and Explore

Browse the business directory to discover the best places to shop and dine in Roxborough, from unique sports gear and bike shops to cheesesteaks and homemade cannoli.


There's always something to do in Roxborough. Explore the many outdoor activities that Roxborough has to offer. Then get outside and experience them all.


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Philadelphia is known for history, and Roxborough is no exception, it is indeed a place with roots. Before our country declared its independence, their community was already laying the groundwork for the beautiful, green, inviting community that Roxborough is today.

Getting Here

A perfect blend of city and suburb, Roxborough is easily accessible by car, bike, bus, and train. And with 2 parking lots offering free 2-3 hour parking, there’s convenient parking. However you’re visiting, come and see all that Roxborough has to offer.